How To Overcome Premature Ejaculation

If you’re looking for proven and reliable solution to permanently overcome unpleasant premature ejaculation, help is here, in this article. Here, you will learn a simple and reliable tricks and tips for lasting longer in bed. So you must take a moment to read and learn new things now.

Did you know it’s possible to boost your sexual stamina through the art of proper masturbation? Yes – it’s true. ‘Knocking one out’ can actually be good for you…when done properly. So here are 4 important masturbation tips that could turn you into a stud in the bedroom:

Tip #1 – Stay Away From Hot Pies
When masturbating with the purpose of conditioning yourself to last longer in bed, it’s important to make the experience as close as possible to normal, penetrative sex. So you want to simulate warm, moist conditions. And the best way to do that (without putting your penis in a hot pie like that kid did in ‘American Pie’) is to use a lubricant. You can get them from most stores, gas stations and even chemists. Trust me — it’s much less messy than a pie; or embarrassing if your partner catches you in the act.


Tip #2 – Take Your Time
Most men tend to rush masturbation. But if you want to permanently boost your staying power, you have to do the complete opposite. You need to take it S-L-O-W. And to do that, you need to stop every time you come close to a climax (no pun intended).
Remember, the reason you are following this masturbation technique is to overcome premature ejaculation. So rushing through the process is the worst thing you can do. Aim to progressively stretch the process out for 15 to 20 minutes, so your body can get used to lasting that long before you come.

Tip #3 – Stay Focused
You’ll find that this technique works best when you’re relaxed. So if you’re in a hurry because you have something else to do, or you’re mind is elsewhere, you’re better off leaving it till when you’re less distracted.

Tip #4 – Try Not To Get Too Excited
Most men watch porn until the get aroused and then start stimulating themselves. WRONG. You want to be building up the arousal right from the beginning. Because that is the best way to understand when and how to control your arousal (which happens to be the most important factor in helping you overcome premature ejaculation and last longer in bed.)


Now you know how to use masturbation not only for pleasure, but also as an effective technique for overcoming premature ejaculation. So have fun with it. And if you can get your partner to join in, even better!