Penis Enlargement Success Story – Part 1

Todd is a 31 year old Caucasian male who lives in North America. 5’9″ tall and 195 pounds. Divorced. He started his penis enlargement in November and this is the first part of his success story:

penis-enlargement-success1According to Todd, he had what he called, “a fat penis.” In fact, his girth was the size of a “soda” can when he was erect, though his length was only five inches when fully erect. He claims that his “fat” penis comes from his mother’s genetic side, as she is of Polish descent (“Polish guys seem to have fatter penises than most other guys,” says Todd). His father’s side is a mixture of German, French, Irish, and English. As he calls himself, “I’m the all-American mutt.”

Todd’s main goal was to increase penis length to seven inches, an increase of about two inches. The reason for doing this was because he felt his penis looked a bit “strange” because it was so fat and not very long. He was mainly interested in cosmetic reasons, as he wanted his penis to have a more natural and balanced symmetry to it (in regards to length and girth).

Todd purchased on-line a book about penis enlargement. This book describes what is necessary to target individual areas for men interested in specific penis-enlargement goals. It also explains the mechanics of the penile-hydraulic system, explains what actually happens during the penis “exercising” process, and includes such important concepts on how to truly and accurately measure your penis to gauge growth properly.

Todd also mentioned that he had purchased a sex-month supply of penis enlargement pills that he used with exercises. He noted that they definitely gave him a more powerful erection but that he wasn’t sure that they had lengthened his penis. He was ready to take this pills with his exercises, because he didn’t want his penis to get more girth than length. Somebody told him, penis enlargement pills may make your penis too fat.

From Todd: “Well… First off it was kinda slow. You know, these exercises take a little bit of time to learn. I took your advice and made sure to do them correctly and not to get into it too fast; so I did my best to learn how to do them properly, you know, the exercises, ’cause I figured it would help out better in the long run. I started bowling on my own a few years ago and was getting really good, but I couldn’t beat my average, which was around 188, give or take. The problem was that I never had the proper instruction with bowling, I just learned on my own and developed my own technique. As soon as I learned how to bowl properly, which was really hard to do, after doing it wrong for so long, I now average just over 200. So I’ve learned that it’s truly worth the time to learn how to do something right, ’cause it will save you so much time later. Unlearning bad habits is harder than you think. Maybe you know that.”

“I have to say that the first two to three weeks in November were more  learning cycle or kind of a learning curve for me. Again, I was more concerned with getting this stuff right. I focused only on the lengthening stretches ’cause I didn’t want to get fatter. I re-measured my penis at the end of November and (this was my first remeasure since using the exercises) and noticed I had increased about a quarter inch in my length.”vigrx-stevenlamm2