Penis Enlargement Success Story – Part 2

Todd is a 31 year old Caucasian male who lives in North America. 5’9″ tall and 195 pounds. Divorced. He started his penis enlargement in November and this is his the second part of his success story:

penis-enlargement-pict2“I wasn’t so surprised with this ’cause you can feel the changes happening in your penis. It sounds strange, maybe, but you become so much more aware of how your penis is feeling. I guess it’s because I never really did much with my penis before, except for sex and my personal satisfaction. So it was weird realizing that my penis sort of had its own, what I would say, like expression or like this feeling. So, again, about the small growth, I wasn’t too shocked because I knew something was going on, that’s for sure.”

“For the month of December I was more confident about doing the exercises and I could feel that the cells in my penis, you know, the different tissue material and stuff, were totally used to the exercises and responded much better to the exercises. I think that’s a key guys should think about when doing this stuff, ’cause one day it will all just “click” and then it’s time to get more serious and aggressive with the exercises. You know, when you hit that comfort zone – Bam! And you’re off! Normally, of course, don’t do nothing crazy or stupid.”

“My second re-measure was the first of January. Now this was for two months of exercising. I had added a total of three-quarter inches to my length. This is the average of three re-measurements because you want to be as accurate as possible, so just don’t measure once. I was a little disappointed that I had only added half an inch in my second month, but I realized that was double the amount I had added the first month!”

“I got sidetracked at the beginning of January because I lost my job. I started feeling sorry for myself and started drinking more than I should have. I had worked out my penis for the first two weeks in January and then just gave up on all of it. Without a job, feeling sorry for myself, I lost my motivation. I didn’t even measure myself at the end of January because I didn’t really care much about anything any more. I figured I’d just get more depressed and didn’t want let it down.”

“This went on through the middle of February with no exercises until I finally got another job and finally woke up. I’d been single since my divorce (two years ago) and, to be honest with you, had lost interest in dating women. Yeah, the divorce was messy. Anyway, my life was looking better as I also met a great girl at the bowling alley (yeah!) and started dating her in the middle of February.”

“I made a goal of getting back to enlarging and training my penis starting at the beginning of March. I have to admit, though, that when you’re dating a great girl it’s not always so easy finding the time for exercising your penis! But I was able to do my exercises as intense as I was doing them in my original second month (that was back in December), but I only was able to work out my penis about half of the time.”

“So through March and April I exercised properly but only about 50 – 60% of what I had done back in December. I didn’t measure myself in March or April but at the start of May I was at just under six-and-a-half inches. So, it took me six months to add one-and-a-half inches to my length, but of course I got sidetracked with my job problem and girlfriend, so I really only invested about three decent months of exercising.”

“I think I’ll get to my original seven inches by the end of May. Actually, I’m sure I will. Of course, this has all made me think about how long I can actually get, so I would like to see if I can get to nine inches in the coming months.”

“Advice for guys is to not get sidetracked. I know you can’t always help it, but try and stick with your program and keep positive about what you are doing and you should be able to reach your destination.”

Well, that’s Todd’s story. Your mileage will vary, of course. We look forward to reading and sharing your Penis Enlargement Success Story one day soon.