Hello, my name is Clark Benson and I want to thank all the people involved in Herbal Pills Review(s) web site for helping me turn my life around. I’ve always been obsessed with the size of my penis. I think my penis was too small. I could not manage a sincere laugh when one of the guys said a joke about some man with a small penis. I thought that all men except me have big penises and that I could never compare with anybody.

One day, Steve from Herbal Pills Review(s) sent me VigRX pills review and asked me if  would like to try this product. The review was like many “I was on the edge, and suddenly miracle was happened” type of reviews.



“Then, at a time when I was very depressed, I found VigRX pills. I didn’t really believe their claims of being able to add inches to my penis, but I thought I might as well try and do something about this problem that was destroying my life.

After six months of using penis enlargement pills, my penis has gained two inches and I feel like a whole new man. Some of the people working with me are amazed at my new attitude and ask me what did I do to gain such a relaxed and positive state of mind.

Now I feel far more confident in myself than even before. I’m also courting a lovely lady from my neighborhood. She is pleased to know that I won’t let her down in bed. Things are truly looking up for me now, thanks to my new secret weapon.”

Author: Tim


“It’s a lie, Steve.” – I said.

“You have nothing to lose. At least, you can pick up a ‘lovely lady from the neighborhood’.” – Steve said and started to laugh.

The test was started as a joke. But after two months, this turn out to be something completely different.


Notes, Excerpts – First Two Months

Two weeks ago, my 6 months test started. This is the first checkpoint date. Found that my erection is much bigger and firmer. Erections last longer, too.

Trying to remember if something is wrong in my monthly check routine. My penis is bigger. Couldn’t believe my eyes: I gained a full inch. however, I still wasn’t convinced about final promises. I must go on and see the end of this test in the forthcoming weeks and months. However, it is for sure I have a good news for my girlfriend, now. I must tell her.

She was very pleased: “Let me check.” – she said. Well, she checked. She checked again, to confirm the results of previous “check”.

My girlfriend is very pleased. I must go on.



3rd and 4th Month – Next Two Checkpoints

Eleven weeks after my first VigRX Plus pills test, an enormous improvement in my sex drive and endurance is awarded. My girlfriend and I spent the whole weekend in her parent’s cabin in the mountains. Alone.

The facts: Three months after my D-Day my endurance is tripled, I have almost 2 (to be honest: 1¾) inches bigger penis. However, the wonderful “side effect” is penis girth (circumference) enlargement.

More sex, more enthusiasm and enormous confidence in my manhood is going to be my key to success in life. I’ve tried to find VigRX Plus tests to compare my results with somebody.  I found (you’re right), ZERO tests made by real men, about penis enlargement pills.

Last three months was extremely successful. My endurance is far better, my penis is bigger, and my sexual appetite is enormous. Well, my girlfriend sexual appetite is large. My “sexual makeover” progress is excellent. I didn’t dare to dream about this kind of progress. To be honest, I’ve used to think about “magic potions”, but VigRX Plus made me think I’m invincible.



Oh, I forgot to write about my fourth month progress. I made a big mistake during this month: During weekend sex marathon in mountains, I’ve tried to make a new sex record: Three times in a row. My record breaking effort failed. My girlfriend told me she is tired of sex. I was tired, too. We decided to take a break and take a walk through woods. It was wonderful and relaxing change of weekend routine. Our sexual batteries were fully recharged. We were ready for the weekend evening regular game: “sexual battery discharging”.


5th and 6th Month – The End of the Road

Nothing is like before. VigRX Plus herbal pills test is a complete success. I must say: “Penis enlargement pills changed my life”. This is completely new world for me and for my girlfriend, too.

After six months all my doubts and skepticism completely vanished! My penis is big enough, and my overall confidence is huge. Let me say something about my penis measures: My previous penis length used to be 6½ inches. I have 9¾ inches big manhood. My previous girth was 4½ inches. It’s 5½ inches, now.




My opinion about VigRX Plus pills: Buy it and do not take a single day without a pill in the morning and afternoon. This was my routine during this test. You can expect improvements every single day. Sometimes, I made a staggering results and use to break records and set new limits in my sexual activity. This male virility supplement changed my sexual life and set the new standards in my relationship. Better sex brings stronger and more complete love ties. I took 6 month platinum package. Click on the picture below and follow the link to one of the best “body building” investment in your life.




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Good luck. 

This is Clark Benson’s exclusive VigRX Plus pills test for herbalpillsreview.com.